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PistVan Box 1.0
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PistVan Box 1.0

Name: PistVan_Box.zip

Price: 32000 €

Load: potato barley wheat spelt oat rye maize rape sugarBeet sunflower fertilizer kalk seeds bread wheatbread barleybread maizebread barleyflour wheatflour maizeflour sandwich cucumber lettuce tomato oliva olivaoil sunfloweroil fuel water milk palets implements

Capacity: 22.000 Kgs.

Model: ETS2
Ingame, designed: Vanquish081
Some plane of mod aaa_ROS_VW_Bus_und_Haenger.zip
Lights: mellie (tractor parts)

  • Bob (wires)
    2015-07-05 02:52 Send message
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    Is anyone finding this item Tips oover very easy, It looks as if it may be top heavy. Also in the Menu Screen the key "O" opens back doors , but is listed as "pipe in or out". Also I think the Loading trigger could be enlarged. (bob).
  • Max


    2017-09-21 12:54 Send message
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    Not alone hehe ive had similar tip overs with some of the FS17 container trailer mods. Especialy that Scania container truck mod when loading to the brim with crops n stuff.
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