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Pittslb35BlackTM v1
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Pittslb35BlackTM v1

I Claim No Ownwership Of This Mod And No One Else Should Either Because Anything Put In Farming Simulator Using Giants Software Belongs To Giants, Anyway Enjoy This Free Mod!

Mod file deleted from MH server.

Kinda Hard To Say Actually Who Built This...

  • Guest
    2016-06-09 10:45
    This was made by the TechnicMods Team, for those that actually care and are not dirty disrespectful cunts.
  • Giants software
    2016-06-09 11:08
    for those who do not under stand ((GIANTS Editor)) once u put a mod in giants editor its ours ((NO EXEMPTIONS )).. if someone build a mod its not yours its giants..this mod fighting and playing games is going to end. we are coming out with a new editor once u build the mod its automatically going to be uploaded to mod APPROVED websites..sorry for the inconvenience hope everyone under stands
  • Someone is full of shit
    2016-06-09 12:30
    WTF ever
  • Fake
    2016-06-09 12:37
    i was going to say, what the Giants FAKER said is correct, any mods placed in GE becomes Giants property, so they can use it for future game use and/or DLC, looke at the new holmer, using an AR body frame kit that came out in the modding world, HOWEVER, Giants would not come to a place like modhub and comment on a mod, it would be in an official released statement found on www.farming-simulator.com,
  • Fake
    2016-06-09 12:38
    so Technic mods, you guys are doing something illegal, and it is only a matter of time before you will lose everything, people are arming with lawyers, planning your demise, because even if these are "your" XML documents, Giants only reads one style of coding, that is used in EVERY mod, so unless this does something that nothing else does, WHICH IT DOESN'T, YOU ARE PERFORMING AN ILLEGAL ACT, YOU CANNOT COPYRIGHT SOMETHING THAT BELONGS TO GIANTS,
  • Fake
    2016-06-09 12:39
    and anyone who actually grants your copyright, is a fool and will not hold there jobs for long!
  • Grow the hell up
    2016-06-09 13:05
    does it matter were mods come from no if there is people realising mods or giants realising mods does it matter no so just enjoy the bloody mods for god sake or people will stop making them or keep them for them self's grow the hell up and get along o and stop the swearing as young kids play fs2015 and download mods from the same mod sites as adults....
  • Guest
    2016-06-09 15:36
    LoL...so put this in your pipe and smoke it technicmods, only a matter of time before all your mods you are charging for are all uploaded everywhere for free like everyone elses, charging for mods, how ridiculous and illegal, hope you have a real shitty day...LoL
  • Flight sim player
    2016-06-09 16:59
    You should try Flight sim if you think charging for mods is ridiculous or Illegal.
  • Guest
    2016-06-09 17:23
    Just goes to show that even this group of so called supporters aren't so supportive after all, and besides the only folks that can legally sell mods for this game is Giants, so looks like his scheme of trying to make a living off of Giants just might be ending very soon...LoL
  • Me


    2016-06-09 22:15
    Ok Anthony I know who you are.
  • Guest
    2016-06-09 22:28
    Why does it matter who Anthony is, you guys a bit butt hurt or something, who cares who he is just because he shares something that should be free anyway..lol
  • Guest
    2016-06-09 22:41
    Hmm wonder what Mod file deleted from MH server means, it can still be downloaded....lol
  • Modhub admin
    2016-06-10 03:17
    we have noticed mods are being sold its against giants rules and a violation we have contacted giants and they will take further action on there side.. thanks everyone for all your hard work of contacting us about this issue
  • Oh my
    2016-06-10 04:03
    Oh my I don't believe I would have admitted to being the person or persons who created this but oh well I guess justice will be served eventually, glad I'm not in these people's shoes....
  • Lol


    2016-06-10 05:12
    LOL, now this is funny, funniest thing I've seen all day, needed a good laugh....LOL
  • For your information
    2016-06-10 05:30
    Hate to break the news no matter what you call it what you are doing is illegal, and I'm pretty sure you are going to be contacted very soon concerning this issue, You Can Not Charge Folks For Mod Access Even If It Is A So Called Request Modification, Only Giants Can Charge A Fee For Downloads, Anyway Hope You Losers Had A Wonderful Day...Peace Out
  • Yeah well
    2016-06-10 05:37
    Yeah well this so called supporting group don't look so supportive to me, look like a bunch of scared misfits to me, don't see any of them being of any support, these people must be full of shit anyway to pay you guys for the shit you have, can get better edited stuff from here, if it was me I don't think I'd want to be associated in any way with you guys....just saying
  • Wow


    2016-06-10 05:41
    Wow by the numbers I'm seeing created by the free sharing of your guys stuff I would probably be pissed to with all the money you're losing....
  • Stealing??
    2016-06-10 15:48
    Can someone explain to this dip shit that it's impossible to steal some that belongs to Giants...
  • Idiots
    2016-06-10 17:31
    For one thing those that purchase models and put them in the game are not modders, anyone could do this but such a waste of money, why not learn to build your own mods then you could call yourselves modders, anyway like everyone else has said what technichmods is doing is not only illegal, it's wrong and pretty much a slap in the face to Giants, charging people for mod access, whoever participates in this type of activity are no better then the folks committing this act....lol
  • @idiots
    2016-06-10 17:38
    True that, technicmods trying to monetize mods the way they are doingis pretty disgusting.
  • Guest
    2016-06-10 19:01
    so I have read the past comment and I must say I am not taking side to anyone, but however Technic Mod does not sell mods it a membership that you pay for to get stuff, if they where selling mods each one would have a price for it, now the issue about Giants think about it if it wasn't for us buying the game your game would still be on the selves of store no one wanting it, also I have this on PS4 and it pretty sad when I play it on my computer more the i do on my game system.
  • Call it what you like
    2016-06-10 20:55
    Call it what you like, a Request Modification or Membership Fee, when you have to pay 5 dollars a month to access something that is supposed to have free access it is still charging a fee for mods and if I were a member of the Giant's team I'd make an example of this team to show the community that this type of activity is no longer going to be tolerated, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't do just that...
  • The reason
    2016-06-10 21:25
    The reason they are complaining is because with the mods they are charging 5 dollars a month for to access being freely shared is costing these low lifes a bunch of money, just serf the modding sites and check out the download counts, I 'd be pissed to if I were losing as much money as they are, maybe they will get the point and start freely releasing mods like it should be, I mean taking donations is one thing but charging for a so call Modification
  • Well
    2016-06-10 21:27
    Well I think this is only the beginning, I think the community is about to get a big surprise very soon and it's something that should have happened a long time ago...
  • Jody
    2016-06-11 03:45
    you didn't know that where there is conflict... there was money to be made?
  • Glad to see this
    2016-06-11 06:33
    guess maybe this may have taught ya all a pretty good lesson good luck trying to continue selling your mod access now, and the best of luck explaining to my pals at Giants when they contact ya all concerning your actions on your so called site concerning your so called supporting Members Group and your so called Request A Modification that takes you to a page that requires you to pay 5 dollars a month for mod access...I wish you luck because ya all gonna need it.....
  • What happen
    2016-06-14 14:56
    What happened guys nothing else to say or did you finally realize who owns what, I can guarantee you it's not over yet not by a long shot, I can't wait to see what happens next, hope you have a pleasant day...lol
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