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Pivot 110m 140m 200m V1.2
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Pivot 110m 140m 200m V1.2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPC642zbrFE This is a converted mod from fs13 to fs15 This is the pivot irrigation in 3 sizes the 110m for smaller fields 140m for medium sized fields and the 200m for bigger fields. In this pack i have fixed the bouncing around issues when first loading into game. fixed errors when placing on a opposite field.Also have fixed issues whith going up steap to medium slopes. Now all pivots go up hill with ease. The how to install is included in each file and there is a youtube link on how to install the pivot system to your fields.Please note placing on the pivot must be on the filed or grass area or will not work or install. I am hoping i have gotten all the errors fixed in these mods. The pivot irrigation os for fertilizing your fields. I am hoping to someday have these systems to be placeable instead of the way it is at the moment on installation. I hope you all have fun with thid mod. It can be modified but kept on this site with the original link and mentioning of the creator

Credits are going to the creator Joao alves and sekta modding
Regularguy converted and fixed errors in the mods and added the 110m

  • Guest
    2015-01-31 06:00
  • Bigbuck
    2015-08-29 21:08
    hi this tyler hey I downloaded all the pivots and got them unfolded but when I go to run them like when I push B it freezes my computer
  • Dport34
    2015-10-25 07:33
    hi my name is devon and i downloaded the pivots and i got them but i cant unfold them
  • Leadman
    2016-01-10 20:45
    can it be changed from fertilizer to water or any other stuff or just fertilizer?
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