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Pivot irrigation 140m and 200m v1.1
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Pivot irrigation 140m and 200m v1.1

I have added a youtube video to help with installation of the pivot and also a read me text in notepad that has a written description
Hopefully it will help everyone get it installed like it should.
Please email me any problems so i can correct them as soon as possible. so far it runs smoothly and doesnt slow the game down
This pack also includes the pivot 140m its a little smaller then the 200m https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPC642zbrFE


  • Jason
    2014-12-03 21:19
    ive installed pivot but only showing one pivot in mods in game options i cant seem to operate it all i can do is ataach it to tractor but no operation keys r not showing. its pivot200 thats showing in mods and have wacthed your video but i not understanding how to to do it could you email me instructions on how to properly install it thanks
  • Guest
    2014-12-03 21:23
    sure i can do that. what is your email?
  • Jason
    2014-12-03 22:51
    thanks its [email protected]
  • Wadd
    2014-12-04 01:45
    What is the id number and code for the 140m pivot
  • David10
    2014-12-04 02:23
    Real credits : mod by jhoracio Conversion by regularguy http://www.modhoster.de/mods/pivot-irrigation-system
  • Guest
    2014-12-04 05:06
    Thanks david10 I forgot to add that. I will make sure to put that in.
  • Mike
    2014-12-12 08:18
    I downloaded this mod, and I put it in my mod file, It shows up in the mod menu, and in the store menu on the pda, but When I purchase it ;it doesn't show up at all, It shows on the equipment location map, but still doesn't show up in the game, how can I install it where I need it, when its not visible. Please help!! Need some wisdom and instruction on how to fix this
  • Guest
    2014-12-14 20:24
    need more power wont make it up hill
  • Wikus
    2014-12-17 19:01
    i also installed everything i can buy and move it to the location but when i go out and change the setting in the log and go back into the game the whole thing is gone as if i never purchased it could you help please and also a other thing when you buy it on westhill you don't get it at the store it is in the trees beside the shop when it is bought
  • Brendon
    2014-12-21 09:54
    hi I have the same problem as the top comment I can attach but I can not unfold it or operate it could you email me how to get it to [email protected]
  • Tyler kokesh
    2015-08-25 19:59
    hi I have a problem with the pivot I got it to unfold but not to run so when I press B my game freezes up so how do I fix that
  • Tyler kokesh
    2015-08-25 22:00
    who can I talk to to fix it email is [email protected]
  • Josh
    2017-01-13 01:07
    can u please help me i need to figure out how to get the instalcde thing that u clicked on and copyed then pasted to the word pad. my email is [email protected]
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