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Pivot irrigation v1
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Pivot irrigation v1

This is the pivot irrigation for your fields. there are different sizes to help with all types of fields.

Author Nico0179

  • Name
    2015-11-15 13:39
    how to install https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZK7NJnRZAM
  • Trevorsigor
    2015-11-15 17:50
    y a pas plus simple !!!!!!
  • Gus


    2015-11-15 18:39
    might be easier if there was just an open trigger. i understand that would be alot of work to set up but would be more user friendly
  • Beat
    2015-11-16 19:35
    Can somebody explain in plain English how to install this nice mod? Thanks
  • Douxian
    2015-11-16 21:23
    Effectivement, je suis d'accord avec BEAT. Comment on installe ce mod qui me plait vraiment..... Pas de mode d'emploi ? J'ai compris que vous étiez Français, alors pouvez vous me répondre SVP.Merci
  • Regularguy
    2015-11-17 00:01
    how to install https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZK7NJnRZAM
  • Florent
    2015-11-18 21:31
    Comment faire pour installer ce mod qui parait génial ???
  • Name
    2015-11-18 22:56
    good mod but needs to be able to unfold and fold up without modifying the xml file
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