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Placeable fireworks v2.0
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Placeable fireworks v2.0

the year draws to a close once again,
and like every year I have again this year my placeable fireworks for you.
Eigetlich it was when I made it only meant as a joke, but every year very many requests.
I am glad irgndwie how such a little fun has burned itself.
But then I want you to not let you down this year.
Here is finally the placeable fireworks.

I actually would like to improve every year my mods here for the latest changelog:
- New color system, the colors are no longer fixed but random.
- In Hud only 1x "fireworks start" will be displayed.

Now I would sometimes use the oppurtunities for something Sinvolles.
And in a PDF file on advice from "Association of Feuerwerhren in NRW"
which I received by e-mail a few days ago haben: http://www.vdf-nrw.de/uploads/tx_bitloftvdfnrwdownload/2014-11-04_Vorsicht_an_Weihnachten_und_Sylvester_01.pdf
Check them out but just once.

In this sense, I wish you a Happy New Year in the 2015th

Yours sincerely

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  • Douchebags
    2015-12-28 23:56
    yeah the year draws to a close. lets hope next year these douche bag thieves and fucktards like joe lindberg, jake even and donald allen koon (to name a few) rot in hell and aren't stirring shit for the rest of us normal people who know how to behave, play nice and share the mods we download, edit and or create.
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