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Placeable Flags v1.0
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Placeable Flags v1.0

Welcome to the Placeable Flags pack, in this pack you have 36 different flags to play with, and you can place them just about anywhere you can put your mind around! good luck using and have fun playing,

Cost of each flag: 950
Daily Upkeep: 1


Original Mod:

Giant's for their original flags
dimre for some original textures which I am sure took him some time to make.
I did send pm to dimre for permission to use his textures over a month ago, with no reply back if this is a issue I will take these textures down and use Giant's originals and what's available, but if granted a big thanks to dimre for allowing this.
robbie for converting the flag image to be shown correctly
Mappers Paradise for the support over the years on projects that have made it through.

A Big thanks to FS-UK for this awesome site

A massive thanks to blobbyfarmer owner of Mappers Paradise for just being there, and supporting everything anyone put's their hands to.

New Placeable Edition:

Robbie for allowing me to make this mod,
BlobbyFarmer: for always being there for me and supporting everything I do
Marxtai for answering a few of my questions,

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