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Placeable IBC tank with water trigger
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Placeable IBC tank with water trigger

This is just a very simple placeable mod that once placed allows you to fill water trailers or other equipment that require water, it is a distinctive blue colour so that if you place it at the edge of a field somewhere then you'll still easily find it again.
Handily stacked on pallets so you get maximum splash effect on your wellies (jk it doesn't really, please don't report this feature not working as a bug)
Umm yeah, so.. Water trigger.. IBC tank.. Blue.. That's about it really.. Go! Have fun!

Once downloaded just place the IBC_Tank_H2o.zip file into your mods folder, you can then find the mod by searching through either the Placeables or the Lizard brand (in the mods section of the store of course)

Permissions, CCL's and all that other fun stuff:
If your life really benefits from re-uploading it and that extra 0.0000001 pence per click really means that much to you then go for it, I really don't care, just don't be a pleb, leave my name in the credits ok!

Oh and one final note:
It's not possible for anyone other than the game's creators to add new tractors, equipment or maps to the console or handheld versions of the game. ;)

Reef (re-texturing, in-gaming)
Alex2009, Sven777b (named as authors of the WaterTankPlaceable.lua)
Giants (original models)

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