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Placeable liquid manure storage
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Placeable liquid manure storage

To be placed on a relatively flat surface.
Price $56,800
Daily costs $15
Capacity 650,000
Shows fill level display (like the in-game slurry) in help box when near.
Note: See store image for load and unload locations.
No activation is required for unloading. (trigger activated)
Activation for loading needed (like the in-game slurry).

Tested- loads and unloads all default slurry equipment.
This is extra storage and not tied in with cows, pigs or bga slurry.

REQUIRES: UniversalProcessKit V 0.8.4 or above by mor2000

Requested not to upload to other sites but please keep credits if you feel the need to.

Giants- model
jhome- placeable version
mor2000- UPK mod and vast shared knowledge

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