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Placeable rig v1.0
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Placeable rig v1.0

it is a drilling rig that u can place 


  • Badass farmer
    2016-02-14 20:18
    Cool looking mod, needs a few minor things like a company decal on the rig (Pen-west Drilling, lol), flag at the top derrick and the rig shacks could use some decals/signs and also outline so they are not so yellow, could use some drill stem standing on the derrick, not sure why you have a well head, instead of a blowout preventer under the drill floor, the but other that looks great.
  • Badass3613
    2016-02-14 21:01
    thanks for liking my mod i'm working on it more to night
  • Mohamed
    2016-02-14 23:29
    Hello,nice job. doest the mod has any function like producing oil or just decorative bulding?
  • Justus
    2016-02-15 10:08
    Nice not seeing me as an author, since i was the one that modelled it in blender, coloured it, and got it into farm sim. thanks!
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-02-15 19:30
    It needs some work. I change the color of rig and I put it in the map and it has errors. The uv out of range on a lot of objects. You need to fix that and some other things. If you fix that. The author needs to be mention or the author needs to fix the errors and release in is own name. Thanks for reading.
  • Badass3613
    2016-02-15 22:51
    im working on it and other mods
  • Cool jay
    2016-02-16 06:31
    isn't it great when someone comes out with a great mod but needs a little works others claim the made it first dammm scabs
  • Cool jay
    2016-02-16 06:33
    just saying JUSTUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @badass3613
    2016-04-15 00:31
    BADASS3613 have u fixed this rig yet i want to throw some lights on it
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