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Placeable Rocks
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Placeable Rocks

For those that enjoy a few extra challenges while playing Farming Simulator, placement of movable stones in one’s map might be for you. This mod includes a small pack of placeable stones. Some were taken from Giant’s FS '11 and upgraded to FS '15, and some are brand new. The pack includes twelve stones of varying sizes, shapes, and colors, each of which are dynamic objects moveable in-game.

It seemed helpful to also have a means to dispose of the rocks, unless all you wish to do is push them about on the map. Not being smart enough to come up with a means of doing this with a ‘placeable’ object (other than through conventional means of ‘selling’ them in the P menu), I figured out a different way. For this, a tutorial is also included in the mod.

The mod as downloaded cannot be placed directly in the mods folder. It first needs to be unpacked. Inside are two files:

-- Placeable_Rocks.zip
-- Rocks_Tutorial.pdf

It’s only the first file that should go into the mods folder.
For more information, please see the tutorial document included with the mod.

Rocks: Tyro Smith (http://thetyrosmith.weebly.com)
Placeables/Tutorial: akuenzi

  • Dander911
    2016-01-26 02:45
    Do u have to place them in giants editor???
  • Akuenzi
    2016-01-26 03:06
    No. You can place them in-game like any other placeable.
  • Jaaaaa
    2016-01-26 13:04
    hello please link to the trailer with images
  • Neoblaster
    2016-01-26 15:52
    Do you think you can make a script for its appears randomly when you are plowing ?
  • Akuenzi
    2016-01-26 17:34
    @ JAAAAA -- https://www.modhoster.com/mods/[email protected] NEOBLASTER -- I think that would be a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, I know very little about scripting at present, but maybe someone out there will make it happen.
  • Neoblaster
    2016-01-26 22:50
    Thanks for your reply Akuenzi.I hope someone will exploits your mod and my idea ;)I'm not able to developt that script too.
  • Jaa


    2016-01-27 13:38
    why my trailer is black no matter what the color of the Act when buying??help
  • Akuenzi
    2016-01-27 19:24
    @ JAA - I'm afraid I don't quite understand your question. Does this involve the rock mod? I don't know why your trailer would be black. You might have to search for a different trailer mod that would allow another color.
  • Jaa


    2016-01-28 13:26
    so the trailer with a link joke all the time black
  • Funtex
    2017-05-29 02:34
    Could you convert this for FS2017 ??? :)
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