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Placeable timber storage v1.0
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Placeable timber storage v1.0

Here you can see a wooden stock which they can with a harvester, a forwarder or other gear their wood store or interim storage. Another advantage is that you can easily weiterverladen the tribes from the camp now. The simple wooden structure you can place the wood stock on uneven terrain.

Interim storage
Perfect for strains with 5 meter length

Price: € 650 LS
Upkeep: 1 LS €
Volume: - liters
Polys: 1,7k polygons
Items in i3d: 1
Files in archive: 7
File size: 1.28 MB

Text for:
1x wood stock Diffuse: 2048 × 42048

Modell: Fendtfan1
Textur: Fendtfan1
Ingame: Fendtfan1

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