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Placeable water pump v1.0
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Placeable water pump v1.0

Here can make a small extension for the Fabrikgelande the energy, fertilizer, seed and fuel.

Since the factory site can consume a lot of water there is a water pump pumps the water 40 liter per minute and 90000 liters Stores.


Schilder Nick98.1; Giants Modelle; G├╝llegrube Modell: Unbekannt

  • John farmer
    2015-01-06 16:28
    Does not work. I have a water trailer that I can fill from the regular water trough. This mod failed to recognize the trailer. I approached the water pump from several different angles to determine if that was the problem. I tried approaching it with both sides of the trailer, as well as backing up to it. All, without success.
  • Alan
    2015-01-12 19:35
    hi can you do this so it work in multlplayer plz. it work for me m8
  • Alan
    2015-01-13 13:10
    it work on multiplayer but not on hard
  • Jakeob
    2015-03-20 23:17
    is it a place-able mod or do i have to use giants editor?
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