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Placeable water storage and collection
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Placeable water storage and collection

To be placed on a relatively flat surface.
Price $56,800
Daily costs $15
Capacity 650,000

Can load and unload to store water. Also this produces, at no cost to you whatsoever,
an approximate 72,000 liters per day. (Collects the rain and that heavy morning in-game fog!)

Shows fill level display (like the in-game slurry tank) in help box when near.
Note: See store image for load and unload locations.
No activation is required for unloading. (trigger activated)
Activation for loading needed (like the in-game slurry).

Tested- loads and unloads default water equipment.

Note:if using the "time fast-forward mod" it will NOT produce as much water as normal.
The in-game 120x speed will produce as much as it would for 1x speed.

REQUIRES: UniversalProcessKit V 0.8.4 or above by mor2000

Requested not to upload to other sites but please keep credits if you feel the need to.

Giants- model
jhome- placeable version
mor2000- UPK mod and vast shared knowledge
Water sound by: Benboncan
Change: length reduced.

  • Guest
    2015-01-05 07:06
    hi good mod but could you do something like this for milk storage
  • Alan
    2015-01-12 19:37
    hi can you do this so it work in multlplayer plz.
  • Guest
    2015-01-13 02:44
    The original page for these mods is FS-UK and there's a support topic there, but to answer your questions:I have looked into the milk storage but haven't gotten a good result with the fill plane yet.I don't do anything with multiplayer but I thought it worked but I'm assuming your saying it does not?
  • Guest
    2015-01-13 02:47
    I have been trying to get a version to work where it only adds water when it rains.(Not just this nicely worded version that says it does!!!)
  • Alan
    2015-01-13 13:12
    it work on multiplayer but not on hard
  • Guest
    2015-02-09 02:40
    great mod! thank you!
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