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Pleasant Valley 2015 v2.0 RUS
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Pleasant Valley 2015 v2.0 RUS

Maud map Pleasant Valley 2015 V2 in Russian.
This map is intended for large multiplayer games and single player is very crazy, PV15, it has more features than any other card in the moment.
The size of the card PV15 V2is 4
The PV v2 / 0 new and useful features. Buy and manage their own factories, mines, sand, gravel, stone, salt, coal and gold!
Build bridges and fish catch, moorings for boats, to open your own fishing industry!
So much waiting for you innovations in PV15 v2, it is impossible to list everything will be faster to download and see for yourself


  • Hüseyin sayar
    2016-10-12 09:22
    not only did the inclusion of the Russian language the difference in this installation? Or the added features of Russia?
  • Rob


    2017-01-27 05:09
    For the life of me how can I change the mass of gravel and sand on this map so that they can be hauled with a 100,000 liter trailer? Any help please.
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