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PLL-1-1 v1.0
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PLL-1-1 v1.0

Plough PLL-1-1 (Plough linear forest)

Plough forest dvuhotvalny PL-1-1 is designed to prepare the soil in the form of furrows under forest plantations in clearings with drennirovannymi soils with the number of stumps up to 600 pcs. 1 ha, in other cases -. on the cleared lanes width 3,5 ... 4 m also plow is designed for fire-mineralized strips. U-Plough 1-1 Attachment mounted on tractors LHT-55, LHT-55M, LHT-100-TDT 55 TDT-100 equipped with rear mounted engines.

Log - clean
Getting dirty (clean) - yes
Animation plowing - have
Dust - have
Model - from scratch
Animation - from scratch
Scripts - default

Mihail (leo)

  • Minzy
    2016-07-14 00:05
    what is the link to the vehicle that the plough is attached to
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