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Poebene15 v1.0 Multifruit
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Poebene15 v1.0 Multifruit

The Po Valley - A large piece of flat land in Central Italy
On the map are 23 Fields must buy your 4 and meadows and forests that you own.
There are 10 points of sale where can deliver you thought about your products
Was installed
Water-Mod Trenke
Cows Sheep Chickens
Cattle fattening
The map has 6 fruits
All fruits can be stored on the farm
The PDA works on F9 and also the Farzeuge-reset is (Dealer)
Attention All fields are grubbed and squirted - even after the first harvest you need only grow and squirt
It was also a place Wennig kept free so that you can accommodate your placeable Obiekte.
The rot was abgestellt.Ansonsten is everything as it is in LS15.

Is required slurry manure mod
Modpack http://ul.to/p1yb0rwu for fruits
Also, I would like to thank
DDS Modding - Ronny
The gamblers Click
See for yourself what you could do more.
Wishes or suggestions as always to me by PN - will try to fulfill all when it comes.
MFG Walter
PS A word thing
As gamers we have our own Click TS3 address: 213202206102: 2500
if you want to play with us you are welcome to stop by

It may only be used in the original download link !!!!!
This map may not elsewhere uploaded or altered without permission.
It is forbidden to take things from the map and you as the items somewhere upload
It is to take Allows stuff from the map to incorporate them into a map and upload it-would be nice if I will mention
It May only be used the original download link !!


  • Ozgamer
    2015-01-14 07:30
    this is indeed a good map, lots of large open spaces, and you can get around the fields without crashing into things, which utterly bugs me.downside no working trainlines, there are 2 freight yards, I love this guy's work, I've got his fruit paradise maps for 2013, sadly though according to his webbage he's retired from modding due to ill health..so we may never see an update,
  • Iowamagicman
    2015-01-20 06:24
    This map is great, been playing it for awhile. A few questions....what is klee and luzerne and how do you harvest them? They are always the highest price for sale but I can't seem to harvest them.
  • Francesco
    2015-01-29 11:35
    Hello compliments for the map, I have a question: but the peril milk silos are there? I can not find them ... thanks !!!
  • Hein
    2015-06-20 16:27
    i been playing the map and all is well exept i cant harvest the multifruits i have growne cant find out why so need help thx
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