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Poettinger Mex6 Big v1.0
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Poettinger Mex6 Big v1.0

A small and cheep Chaff Harvester for Small Farmers
When you are not able to buy a Krone big X, it is suiteable for you
you can cutt Maize and Grass for chaff
6M wide deck
Particle animation
CP compatible
Login clean
Hope You Enjoy want and Fun
it is not allowed to upload any other site.

GIANTS Software GmbH

  • Guest
    2015-02-10 20:02
    It's a good mod. It works really fine. Thanks.
  • Guest
    2015-02-14 21:32
    Yes works good.. Had to adjust the speed slightly... 3mph just too slow. I run it at 6mph and its all good. One thing though this would be so much better if you had made "covers" for the outside cutters "pto" areas so that it did not look like you just stuck 3 side by side. make it look more like one long one? Other then that small complaint this is a great mod especially for those who dont really like buying the Krone.
  • Beramendi
    2015-05-06 17:29
    Good mod. Thanks. I've already adjusted the speed a little higher.
  • Big farmer
    2016-02-07 02:19
    How do you adjust the speed?
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