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Poettinger Miststrreuer v1.0
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Poettinger Miststrreuer v1.0

Hello today we present to you the V1 from Pöttinger 4500V Miststreuer available. This model has been out of the Mengele Tipper (Standart Branter Kipper from Giants), Krone Optimat from classic Lanwirtschafts DLC (Giants) and the forestry framework of Steyr 8090 to the Pöttinger 4500V manure control rebuilt because the model default the Oritinal very änlich sieht.

BJ 1985
Volume: 9000l corresponding 4500kg manure
Charge: manure, compost
teilwese rusty
Working width 4.5m
old tires gebracuhte
Installed nameplate
Net weight approx 1220 kg

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STEYR Modding Team:
Have fun with this mod! Your
STEYR Modding Team
(unknown000, steyr modder, Domi, John)

Giants Software, STEYR Modding Team

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