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Polevoe Map v2.0
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Polevoe Map v2.0

- Beautiful Map of the Russian village "Polevoe"
- 16 fields of different sizes
- The traffic of people and cars
- Road signs, asphalt and dirt roads
- A large farm
- Garages for machinery
- Farm for animals
- 3 mills, bakeries, BGA
- Butter factory, warehouse and other
- Crops: wheat, barley, rye, corn, sunflowers, potatoes, beets
- Food products: flour, vegetable oil, bread and rolls
- Animals: chickens, sheep, cows, pigs, calves
- A lot of different objects in the Russian style

Version 2.0
- Changed the price of bread, rolls and butter (all stores are different prices).
- Increased price of milk.
- Increased load capacity of sunflower seeds to plant up to 1,000,000.
- Replaced / removed the gate.
- Fixed some flaws in the schedule.

Denis Maslovets, Sergey Bekhterev

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