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Police Pack V1
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Police Pack V1

Habe hier das Police Mod von Skreek ein Update gemacht.
Beinhalte eine Police Einheit und eine Police K-9 Einheit

Update änderung:
- Licht und Sirene haben getrennte Funktion
- Texture überarbeitet

Credits: Orginal Mod by Skreek

Teddy Bär 1-4

Credits: Orginal Mod by Skreek

  • Nice mod
    2016-10-18 22:22
    All the farm sim ModCops need this mod to help them whine about "mod thieves"
  • Guest
    2016-10-19 15:44
    Who cares, who posts them, but if you are going to download mods to a site then make sure everything works with the mod, good thing I am smart enough to fix your lightbar files in modDesc and you forgot to add the number "" 0 "" for the other sound when using the siren, you are just another fuck nut. Just saying
  • James3112
    2016-10-19 22:05
    Well this Trailblazer was in a Texas State Trooper Pack I made. Dont know who Skreek is. Sounds like all Skreek did was screw up all the files I had in it lol.
  • Unknown
    2017-06-06 01:10
    @James3112 are you the one who did them in for FS15
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