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Ponsse Bear 6W v0.1
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Ponsse Bear 6W v0.1

Today PonsseBear6W Here is a test!
For some people, that they want to, just try it!
The need to know:
-red seat on all sides (up, down, left, right) crane!
(I have a picture of a zip to be canceled, with no votes against, if you like)
-Not Only crane when it turns into one! It is a very good advertising ore drive when you finish!
To delete or live!
-There is no more (backwards), but you have to change that! (If you Follow Would seat back).
Abstract: (NUM), or whatever you want! I do that!
-Red Cutterhad All results!
-More Power to go up the mountain!
-New Glass. (Looks much better).
-The Four arms do not move, just a 5-Why? Because I was in that long together! You know, weight is always a problem but (it would not be a special weight) Ponsse! And 4 m arms again? Work!
-Texturing Only once ?! (Working on it)!
Maybe this is just large!
Try it and enjoy!
Clear log!
Multiplayer? Could you tell me! :)


  • Zoltan
    2015-03-02 02:09
    Please fix the informations because there was a translate mistake. Thanks.
  • Guest
    2015-03-02 07:02
    Um.. I have zero clue as to what I just read...
  • Zoltanmolnar
    2015-03-02 10:36
    http://www.modhoster.de/mods/ponssebear6wPlease check this!Sorry! The people just uploded everywhere and there was a mistake!
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