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Ponsse Bear v1.2
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Ponsse Bear v1.2

Here again the Bear.
A lot has changed, so now I'll explain.
The Log completely clean. Now you can play multiplayer hope.
The holder of becoming poor, but you will see it is not finished. It should be. Now, when you buy the machine goes to the stairs and jump into. So you will see the meeting point of embarkation. External Cameron immediately turn the inner and now comes the fun. (Replace the key because there will be two identical (Editor B, but the seat NUM), or whatever. Press the button on the turn and you can rotate the chair direction. Below you must Camera have the right vision. And now turned fully after the chair of the cutting head. beautiful view unconscious good handling.
-The First two hidden tracks, so it's very good looking.
-and now you can pick up the tree.
-Cut 20 meters away.
-More Powerful engine.462P
-small Improve the change.
I'm still working on the machine, and it will be a lot of futures.
I'm trying to build a lot of features like in reality.
Thank you all for your patience, downloads, and reviews.
Write to criticism, because it is always the most important.
We want to be the next Remove external camera. What do you think about this?
I do not think that is true. But this is just a taste.
Write me.thanks
Regards, Zoltan Molnar.

Zoltan / Giants

  • Guest
    2015-01-30 19:47
    Stop using google translate..noone can understand it...
  • Tim121672
    2016-10-22 04:23
    this is more like the fox than the bear, the cranes are different. I still use it though and I enjoy it very much.
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