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Ponsse Buffalo Hack Schnitzler v1.1
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Ponsse Buffalo Hack Schnitzler v1.1

Hi guys,
Here I point you changed my Ponsse available, thanks to the great modder Snowcraft97.
Brand: Ponsee
Type: Buffalo
Structure: Schnitzler Jenz Hack
Power: 552 hp
Cost: 180000
It was the standard script retained only the stakes were continued, and the Jenz chopper has taken place on the truck bed.
The collection has been improved, and it was a kind of bunker chips installed.
That means you can, if you can not reach with tractor, with the Buffalo Shredding and dan him the trailer empty as in Drescher.

Snowcraft97 ( Ur Modder)

  • Jesse
    2014-11-13 03:45
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    Uses all its fuel in about 3 seconds? Any tips?
  • Guest
    2014-11-13 18:33
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    could you make the ponsse chipper for 2013 would love to try this
  • Gaz


    2014-11-13 22:51
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    Finally I can easily chip the conveyor belt actually works :) thank you
  • Shdvpr
    2014-11-21 10:20
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    I would like to see the posts removed and extend the sides of the chipper up to more of hopper feel. This way you could drop the logs anywhere and they would roll down to the conveyor. Just a thought.If i could i would
  • Guest
    2014-12-21 20:38
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    how do i put this mod in the game can anyone help me do this
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