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Premiere map v1.0
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Premiere map v1.0

bonjour voici gastronome avec 7 type d elevage tp est sylviculture plus sais mods

création de la carte est re-texture des mods le gaulois

  • Username
    2015-08-08 21:00
    A essayer, une map de plus de 700Mo a mon avis il faut avoir une bonne config
  • Juju
    2015-08-08 23:43
    Sa tourne a la dérision,sa ne ressemble pas a du farming 2015 !Map poubelle,comme beaucoup d'autres.
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-08-09 08:33
    I need some help locating the pick-up point for Milk on this Map, I have tried at the two tanks that are Near the Milk Robot, and next to fence. I think I am in the correct spot, But no Milk Trigger Activation... Anyone any ideas? Bob.... email at [email protected]
  • Chunt89124
    2015-08-09 21:34
    I can't get the brakes to release
  • Manu
    2015-08-10 13:23
    elle du cul ta maps mec
  • on pourais faire des vidéo ensemble si sa te tente
  • Bob(wires)
    2015-08-11 06:24
    Map will run, Lots of errors in my log for, Resource, Performance, and Compatibility. You have the Dairy, it produces 4 products, h_milch, Quark, Yogurt, Kaese (produces ok) but the product can not be picked up. also no sell locations set. ( product is not Not Registered as a Fruit) thus no fill ability. Farm could do with some fixing. Bob..
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