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Production Map  v1 by Mike
1 6 0 2030

Production Map v1 by Mike

here is for everyone a new directory of me
The folder is nowhere based, there is a lot to do
there's only production.

The map was created by Mike from mike modding

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download it here the modpack

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The map shall not, without the consent of the Modders to find are not changed at Mike-Modding.nl and not re-uploaded !
The map can be release on other sites , but please only using the original download – Links !

Die Karte darf nicht ohne die Zustimmung der Modder zu finden sind nicht bei Mike-Modding.nl geändert und nicht erneut hochgeladen!
Die Karte kann auf anderen Seiten zu lösen, aber bitte nur mit dem Original-Download - Links!

Map by Mike
Giants, Strassen: atze1978, Bäckerei und Brauerei: Grundscript von Marhu's MischStation,
Mastanlagen Pack (Schaf, Kuh, Lamm, Huhn, Viehhandel: RC-Devil Scripts: Marhu, Rübenschnitzel: Farmer_Andy
Tankstelle: Hardstyler, SeedMaster2k15: Farmer_Andy, WaterMod v3.1.5: Marhu, Kartoffel Waschanlage und
Forage Master V1.0 und Kartoffel Dämpfer V1.1: Farmer_Andy, Misch Station: Marhu

  • Szopen77
    2015-08-06 23:35
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    beating at a normal server and not this shit boyfriend
  • Guest
    2015-08-09 17:45
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    might be a good map, might not, guess i'll never know, not going anywhere near that download site ever again!
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-08-09 23:19
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    Hi all. Well as above, A rotten Download Site,( took me 3 hours), So some comments. 1. Looks to have a good layout, 5 star 2. lots of Production, Bread, Beer Soup,Sugar,Noodles, eiere Mix (liquid egg), Pig, Beefs, Chicken2, Flour, Etc. 3. Locations are the same ones as in the "Unna2015 map" But layout is different. Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-08-09 23:29
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    As above.... 4. soup production may need Fruits we can not plant Eg. White & Red cabbage, Onion, ( no grow information ) I hope they are a buyable item, ( have to do more looking ) Bob....
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-08-10 03:38
    0 0
    Hi All.... Well as I stated above, Mike has given us a map that has the same Production facilities as the Map "Project unna 2015" but this one is laid out different.(good layout), and I see in the "info" for the map above, he may have given us a link to a Mod-pack for this farm, But I do not think it is worth trying the download, as it comes off that Horrid site. Get possibly the same Mod pack from Link on "project unna 2015"map. Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-08-10 03:51
    0 0
    As above,,,, I stated that there are 3 fruits (red and white cabbage and onions) that are required to produce "suppen" (soup) . The 3 crops are "registered" but not plantable (no information), maybe they are a buy item from somewhere. ( I hope) Also,,, you will need the Mod Pack, to be able to get the Products " eremix" " Huhnfutter" "Strohbeutel" "Spiralnudeln" Bob.
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