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Projekt Unna 2015 v5.4.3 Rus
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Projekt Unna 2015 v5.4.3 Rus

Changes in v 5.4.3
Changes: Diesel tanks for greenhouses and plant vineyards were increased from 460 to 30,000 liters. Furnaces (wooden wedges) at the sawmill also received a large diesel tank. Triggers at grocery plant (Bio Sanica) have been renovated, in addition, there was no product of "onion". Furniture factory moved to Unna and is located opposite the Oilmühle. Furniture stores opened its doors next to the market Raiffeisen. Mecke Sawmill is now also produces wood glue. Refinery also produces a new product, plastics. In potato washing (on the farm) diesel engine was disassembled, the system now runs on electricity. glue for wood, plastics, furniture, new products have been added. * Modpack * The new cars have been added. Information signs on the old industrial enterprises changed to reflect the new product.

Bemak, Kruskow

  • Lulu
    2016-09-27 18:46
    Bizarre on dirait que cette map a été copiée,si Projekt Unna apprend ça,ils vont pas être content.
  • Bobinou68
    2016-09-28 00:33
    Salut,Mais non ils ont pas copier la maps sait comme toujours mais les site ils ont rien a foutre sait juste pour le blé. A eux de faire leur travail.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-09-28 10:34
    Is there a Mod Pack for this Map, as there looks like there is a lot of new Product items. Bob
  • Vlad
    2016-09-28 18:03
  • Daniel
    2016-09-28 20:06
    meby englich olso i dont under stand in russiche its a very nice map
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