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Pronto 26 v1.0
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Pronto 26 v1.0

Pronto 26 converted from FS13 for my own personal use to use in FS15
This seeder is about 30 meters wide and has got a new re-written xml with no errors in the log
with all working parts it can be raised for transporting then lowed to the field and you can use the ridge markers.


  • Goose1210
    2016-01-11 21:06
    can u make one that fertilizer
  • Acidburn
    2016-01-12 20:01
    i get a Error: Unsupported mod description version in mod FS15_Pronto26DC
  • Pinguar
    2016-01-13 15:03
    Goose1210 hi have just finished the fertilizer version just need to get the folding part right
  • Croziex
    2016-01-24 01:10
    Can you make a Hesston WR9770 Swather. Heres a link to a video of it in operation.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcjsJbsEpBA
  • Theis
    2016-02-20 19:52
    this mod dosnt work
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