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Puller Powerstoke v1
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Puller Powerstoke v1

my new mod ND DONE

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  • Zorlac
    2016-06-02 21:52
    haaa ! hyper beau, hyper utile, fabuleux, exceptionnel, réaliste, splendide, Tes un killer mec continue comme cela . En plus ces vraiment pas lourd 53 mo .GÉNIAL.ON ARRÊTE PAS LE PROGRÈS...
  • Zzzzz
    2016-06-11 06:21
    not a bad looing mod so far, it just needs a bit more work to be a true puller, like front sheet metal (hood, grille weight stack) & a rear hitch to hookup to the sled, I downloaded this just to use it for show on my FS15 maps.
  • Pulling pro
    2016-06-23 06:49
    Nice. How did you make this? Id love to know.
  • My mod
    2016-06-29 15:48
    easy sketch up
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