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PV Rivers v1.2 update
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PV Rivers v1.2 update

updated the map and wood holding storage.

Welcome to the most feature filled and emmersive map ever created for Farming Simulator 15. Pleasant Valley Rivers expands on the features you love in previous Pleasant Valley maps and adds lots of new features and content!

New to PV Rivers is a robust factory system with several added products. The ability to create pallets of goods from most factories, a new stone crushing facility, a working ferry boat that can carry cargo, upgradeable farms and so much more!

So much to do! We hope you enjoy the PV Rivers map and a special thanks to all of our supporters! There are 15 additional pieces of equipment hidden around the map to help you get started! Good Luck!


  • Terry
    2016-07-03 12:34
    map would not upload
  • Tester
    2016-07-03 12:50
    I sure hope all the errors are fixed
  • Stephen
    2016-07-03 22:38
    I'm not one of the authors but the reason you could not load the map (from experience) is that the pv mods folk have their own versions of support mods. For instance the standard multi-fruit mods don't work with ther maps. You need a separate mods folder for their maps only (at least I assume they can share). Also the link above only gives you the map itself not the required mods. These can be found at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uk3vslcknh8wjem/AAADWl5TtsV4md9aRJ_6sPCba?dl=0
  • Tester
    2016-07-04 21:46
    Nothing works right on this map even if you have all the mods they have put on her page/dropbox. Needs attention!!!!!!!!! You can't use hired worker on a proper way. Maisfield is screwed up when you drive through this field..... Lot of features aren't working properly.Map looks good, but when playing, it's a total disaster.........
  • Rocko
    2016-07-05 02:26
    BS map works fine for me
  • @tester
    2016-07-06 06:41
    its kind of funny this map works for 500 + people that has downloaded it and all of a Sudan one complaint on it..learn how to load maps in two fs before opening your mouth.if u have a problem go to someone streaming it that can help u..until then SHUT your mouth up and stop your story telling
  • Yes yes yes
    2016-07-06 06:49
    this map really blows all the other maps out of the water this is the best map i have every played on this map is 100% perfect...pv rivers just took fs 15 to a hole new level...the pv rivers map just smashed the developers maps in game they can not beat rivers good luck on trying
  • Badass farmer
    2016-07-13 14:06
    Fantastic map, but the only problem I have found so far is that it's NOT compatible with all models/makes/brands of seeders available for FS15. As you need to unload seeds so that you can refill your seeder with different type of seeds or you either need to purchase a seeder for each type of seed which is not that great of an idea. Hopefully you will fix this problem in you future update.
  • Mr. hunt
    2016-09-05 00:54
    The seeder "problem" isn't a problem. It is how real seeders work. Embrace the realism and go empty your seeder and get the seeds you want. It is not a compatibility issue, it is just coded that way (and I hope Giants makes FS17 to have this feature).
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