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Ram 3500 v1.0
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Ram 3500 v1.0

My edit of the ram 3500 single cab. acts a little more realistic.

Duramax Nation modder, Maybe Replay Gaming, for the models and scripts. theawsomeone for edits

  • Jasboy123
    2015-11-05 13:33
    the truck looks good but there is a few things that it could do on the truck 1. the lights needs to be little more real lights and make the reverse lightnot to come on with the lights are turn on only in reverse. 2. when hauling a goose neck on the truck take the teilgate off or where you can put it down. 3. put a towing winch on the front.
  • Punkadylan
    2015-11-05 15:30
    you need to put Duramax and replaying gaming in the credits
  • Brea
    2015-11-10 04:26
    a varea good mod
  • Russell bannister
    2015-11-14 22:36
    The brake lights don't work, but it doesn't affect the truck's performance. It's a very good start
  • Znutuporshutupz
    2015-12-06 06:56
    really well made mod could use alittle more in the details like the lights. other than that no complaints great job.
  • Danny
    2015-12-11 11:24
    lmao, 1, dodge uses Cummins Diesel engines, Chevrolet uses Duramax,
  • Mrtot
    2016-01-03 21:37
    i love it but the tailgate was to tall for goosenecks trailers
  • Psykodad
    2016-01-12 11:29
    @PUNKADYLAN lol dodge doesn't use duramax, thats's chevrolet.but as for the truck, i used it, but it was causing a conflict with other mods so i had to remove this truck. was nice but needs more work
  • Dude
    2016-07-11 15:55
    i think the rims are a little to big and you should make it crew cab but great truck all in all
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