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Ram Truck v1.0
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Ram Truck v1.0

It is a good truck
Just made by a rotten guy


  • Punisher
    2016-03-05 14:45
    537MB for one truck? Whoever made this is a fucking idiot! Doesnt surprise me seeing that it came from "Racist Modding", another one of Rich Serra's piles of shit im assuming. What a disgrace.
  • Dumbfck
    2016-03-05 14:48
    Well I was going to give you a compliment on at least having an undercarriage, but at half a gig of a mod, dumbfck, clean up the mod and remove all files not being used
  • Punisherisright
    2016-03-05 15:25
    Unzipped it's over a GIG? Already found multiple mods in it, Still has many i3d's of mods and parts taken from other mods. Even has other store pics, Your going to learn a lesson because I'm going to clean it up 4 you HAHA hope you like PINK
  • Id$%t
    2016-03-05 15:32
    IDIOT! Do you know what causes major flickering and LAG? Using dozens of cubemaps. All you need it one or two, the main cubemap and the the roughcubemap. STOP using FS13 cobemaps IDIOTS and that goes to everyone. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE!
  • Full of errors
    2016-03-05 15:39
    Yeo, Newbie here must think he knows what he's doing, He doesn't, already found numerous errors, that a simpleton could fix. And found enough parts in this shit mod to make a hundred trucks LOL. Don't download
  • Sad


    2016-03-05 16:37
    Full of errors and no interior? So sad, what a "superior" mod.
  • Sad


    2016-03-05 16:37
    Full of errors and no interior? So sad, what a "superior" mod.
  • Jim


    2016-03-05 18:22
    Buddy... I have one Q for you. Why on earth you have so much unwanted and needed files in this truck? Plus its full of errors. Better rework and overhaul this truck man. WOW
  • Torottenguy
    2016-03-05 18:39
    When you add parts, once it is in the scenegraph, you can delete the i3d, it's no longer needed. Also open the i3d for the truck, and move all of the files being used into a new folder, and delete the rest. Got your truck to 40mb doing that.
  • Fin


    2016-03-05 19:31
    This is a good truck made by a good guy what isn't good is people like all of dip shits that still mods from people
  • Finwhat
    2016-03-06 02:56
    Fin, I hope your not calling this a good mod, it's total shit! It's basic sketchup crap, no interior, jacked up crap, with over a thousand extra files stolen from 3 dozen mods all mashed up into this, if your calling this good, go back to FS11, or better yet FS9, this doesn't belong in FS15
  • Russell bannister
    2016-03-06 06:51
    The only good part of this is how the front end looks. No interior and half a gig? Not up to my standards. I'm sure as hell am not going to download a substandard mod
  • Quality control
    2016-03-06 21:09
    Why put this crap out, all it does is make you look stupid! The front axle doesn't even line up with the tires. Unzipped its OVER 1 GIG, And could you not even find good motor settings? It drives like an old lady. MODHUB needs better QUALITY CONTROL!
  • Sean
    2016-03-10 03:00
    you guys are the reason people stop making mods you complain when their private then when they get released you complain about that oh theres to many un needed files oh it looks dumb oh its ugly if its ugly edit it for personal used clean out unwanted stuff that's not needed and stop fucking complaining
  • Tdog55
    2016-03-13 22:05
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