Farming simulator 2019 mods
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Here is a ramp I made, This is my first real map object made, You can install it via giants editor, Feel free to use it and have fun, You also may adjust the size and Height of it for your needs,Thanks for looking!!

How to add to your map::
Step One: Copy these files to the maps model's folder.
Step Two: Open up the maps i3d file
Step Three: On the top left of giants editor go to file/import and import it in.
Step Four: Move it to where you want.
Step Five: Save and load your game!.

I hope you have fun using my Ramp.

Benw11-For this ramp.
Giants-For the game and Ability to mod.
Blender-For the modeling.
fs-uk.com-For the awesome site and hosting.

  • Dany
    2015-11-08 20:00
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