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Region of Texas v1.1
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Region of Texas v1.1

New version of the map region of Texas, in this new version of the game, the field of 13 was reached, the transformation of the country into the situation be left to maintain its current structure and uneven terrain.

All locations are reechos again and some moved from place.
- The court holds its usual place, in a remodeling, devido disposal of pig farms pending when they available, with new buildings.
- The point of purchase of fields behind the house is maintained.
- The hens were placed on one side of the main house.
- Cows and sheep kept, have their place in the 13th edition added to the storage of grass, hay, silage and compound feed silos.
- The selling point for wool and eggs are located on the premises.
- The grantee retains his place.
- The mill is surrounded by lots of trees.
- The BGA Matiena its previous position.
- And the rest of the outlets are unified in one place.


  • Skytracer
    2015-01-04 23:02
    THANKS !!!very nice map ...
  • Chuck
    2015-01-05 00:45
    I love how it's open and flat. And the mixing machines hold 200,000 instead of 50,000. The capacity scales on the straw bunker doesn't work.
  • Guest
    2015-01-05 16:51
    THIS IS TOO THE AUTHOR OF THE MAP Lobezno HERE IS A GOOD IDEA before adding stuff to the map how about fixing the map first !! tree's in the air down by logging areastraw not working correctmissing selling's pointsbga not working correctlymiss placed sell pointsflashing wall texture's tree's that are duplicated--causes lag up by farmcows getting caught on fence and troughthis is some of the thing;s i have foundsame map with sa
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