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Remote Place v3.0
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Remote Place v3.0

The fictional village and countryside.

Standard culture. Animals - cows, sheep, chickens, pigs +. Seeds, lime, manure mod. Manufacturing -Beer and Mill.

Many thanks for mods, scripts and objects, which are used on map, to their respective owners. Also huge thanks to YouTube channels of Andrey Yazykov, Glebastik etc. Thanks to all fans of Farming Simulator and to ordinary gamers, who's playing this game. Thanks to all people, who provides financial and moral support. Special thanks to YouTube channel of ZooGG'y Play's and to all fans of our work! RamosRamass and Partisan.

Andrew Kalbos

  • Lii


    2015-09-22 20:06
    Very nice map but some errors and freeze the game :(
  • Lii


    2015-09-22 20:11
    Where to find suport for this map?
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