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Rental Mod v1.1
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Rental Mod v1.1

here I have for you my new Mod for Farming Simulator 2015th
This is a great novelty, which I wanted to give you too LS 2013
but I am no longer become there towards the end of time constraints finished.
Well I took the mod times and rebuilt for LS 15.

This mod allows you to rent all vehicles and equipment.
You can do this via the "Rent" button which is displayed to you in the shop with the mod.

If you click there on rent, you have yet to select a rental period,
how long you want to rent the mod.
If you put on rent, the tractor is available at the dealer.
After the expiration of the lease, the lease is renewed automatically by one hour,
but then it costs 15% more than if you had just hired him an hour longer.

Other features of the mod:
- Chat message to all, if someone sinks a rental vehicle in the water.
- If the vehicle is submerged in water, a penalty is paid.
- Are you a vehicle with an empty tank back, you pay for the fuel after.
- Also mods can be rented.
- If you are sitting in a hired vehicle is at the top of the clock, the remaining lease term.
- You can return rental vehicles through the shop or on the Sell Trigger.
- 1 day prior to the expiration of the lease is a message in the chat, ending the lease.
- At the end of the rental period, the rental period by one hour, for more money (15%) increased.
- All the 14 rental vehicles, which are run as the last in a list (K key, only when sitting NOT in the car).

IMPORTANT: Because this mod is very Extensively could villeicht still one or the other error may be present. Please report the error via e-mail to [email protected], or contact at: http://www.alex2009.de/kontakt.html

In this sense, I wish you Merry Christmas,
and have fun with the mod. :)


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