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Repositionable Silagesilo v1.0
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Repositionable Silagesilo v1.0

Hello community,
I once brought here these silos of Marhu from the LS13 LS15 into.
The Benuzung is at your own risk and Verantwotung)
I am not a modder and had Diersen mod ever offered.
By incompetent and unqualifizerte comments I let him whatsoever.
However, since there has been positive feedback, I offer Him again.

This silo has the same function as the standard silos (silage silos BGA) .With the difference is that it saves space and the fermentation process is fluid, that is, it must not only be completely filled and then abgedeck, but it constantly creates silage.
The silos are replicas of the original silos of America Map.Es they are available in 2 different sizes.
capacity: 250000, silagePerHour: 5000capacity: 375000, silagePerHour: 8000
Be filled silos with the normal varieties, Hechselgut, grass, hay.
At the level indicator you recognize how much material is present, the dark column shows the status of the silage.
In order to load silage need to drive with a trailer under the small canopy.

The mod may not be offered only to the original link in other forums or the like! It is forbidden to change the map or unchanged upload on other websites !!!
!!! Who the mod like to have his fun with it ..... well who do not like him must not download !!!
!!! Release of Marhu exists !!!

Danke Marhu für die Freigabe

  • Jose
    2014-11-23 23:19
    Hi i can´t use this Error: Unsupported mod description version in mod FermentingSilo
  • Miguel
    2014-11-24 08:24
    Hi convert to fs 2015 please
  • Gary
    2014-11-24 15:22
    works great in FS2015, saves space instead of using bunker silosall we need now is placeable storage for hay, straw, chaff, and silagegreat job
  • Eric
    2014-11-24 22:47
    This will not show up in my game to be purchased no matter how I put it in my mods folder, zipped or unzipped. Would really love a new version as this is an awesome idea!
  • Gary
    2014-11-25 03:40
    Gary- I must have forgot to do something. I got it put in with G-Editor but does not work for me. What am I forgetting.
  • Guest
    2014-11-30 05:35
    Help...This is a great Idea. Just cant get it to work in game. Its not placeable in game. Cant get it to work when I import in with editor.
  • Vader
    2015-12-24 18:10
    Is this placeable for 2015 or is it UPK ....another bad boy I would love to have
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