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Rescue Boat v1.0
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Rescue Boat v1.0

Rescue Boat just for fun but you can catch fish to
This Boat work only in LS11 Private Map Isle of Man and Giants Map LS11 have fun

Modell: Modall
Textur: Giants
Script: Modall
Idee / Konzept: TotalFarmer

  • Badass farmer
    2016-07-24 15:43
    I am wondering why you can't make all the boat mods to work on any map that has lakes and rivers in them, but maybe its because you created those 2 maps that the boats only work on, are maps you created yourself and just want a lot more map downloads. Just saying.
  • Thefarmer
    2016-07-24 15:59
    @BadAss Farmer -my friend for that I need to rework all the maps do you imagine the time and need in Giants Editor and to ask for permission etc etc.
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