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Reute in Upper Swabia v1.1
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Reute in Upper Swabia v1.1

Hi at the V1. Reute in Upper Swabia
This map is essentially a recreation of our town and its Umgebung.Sie is for small and medium equipment ausgelegt.Map is not exactly friendly helpers.

the following was installed
-Steinbruch For some coal alongside to verdienen.Hoffe can soon dredge properly as in LS13 again
Loaded -Hallenkran for straw bales
Were -Roads widened curves fit together is not always optimal
unlocked -all fields
off -verrotten
- Fruit Sunflowers
- More than 400 trees to abforsten
- Sawmill
- Wood chips can be filled even with the BGA
-a new cowshed you must bring your milk to the cheese factory
- ....

so you can play the map, you need
in your mods folder

I have the map with the following mods tested

have made many thanks to all modders that this map only by their great work possible
and now a lot of fun
your Jona

jona 2001

  • Derkje
    2016-01-06 10:51
    PDA ist nicht gut, stimt nicht mit map
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