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Rhineland Palatinate v1.0
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Rhineland Palatinate v1.0

The Rhineland-Palatinate map is a flat country map with pig, Wassermod, and Wollpalettenmod the rest must discover her think you should not always not to take the aha effect because everything Betrayed by players.

Guelle und Mist Mod: Marhu TMT
Schweinemastanlage v3.2.5b: Marhu
WaterMod v3.1.5: Marhu
Futterlager: frisco0177
Zuckerfabrik: Trekkerbodo
Boden Texturen: ZeFir
Raps Textur: Eribus

  • Sheathanaich
    2015-01-18 17:41
    This is a blatant rip of Funky's "My Little Country FS15" I hope permissions wre given for this upload which simingly does not change anything from Funly's original!!!
  • Smitty
    2015-01-19 06:48
    i agree with the above even from the pics and mainly from the map its a rip off from funkys...i wont download in respect of the blatant rip off
  • Ozgamer
    2015-01-19 08:40
    this is the same clown that stole demetz wAlter's work, no wonder he had enough and quit modding,thanks [email protected]
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