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Ringwoods 1.3 Map Update
15 23 0 1806

Ringwoods 1.3 Map Update


It may drop frames on new game startup until the maps cached in. Driving around it in the pickup seems to speed this up.

V1.3 Ringwoods Map Update and upated PDA map. 241Mb zip, Multiplayer YES.

Just place this zip in your mods folder and load up a new game and select the Ringwoods V1.3 Map.

Starting equipment is basic but worth +900k if sold towards mods.

It would be a great help to others If you could comment on how this map performs with your PC system specs. This plays perfectly on our systems with settings set to HIGH and 2xAS , 2xAA enabled. Win7 64bit, 8gb Ram, Xeon quad core CPU's and Geforce 670 MSI graphics cards.

So here's whats new.

The eastern boundarys forestry trail is now complete and joins onto the rest. The whole forestry area is now huge and the maps name is complete. Ringed by woods hence Ringwods Map. 1000's of trees to chop down and process that don't impact on field space.

New Eastern sawmill with sell trigger.

The whole map has had texture work on every rock surface to make them more realistic.

The South Sawmill's terrain has been completely reworked at the lower level.

South Farm has a re-arranged cowzone(still a work in progress(Pain in The ass!)) but everything is working manure, milk, feeding, silage and liquid manure. Feeding trophs are not linked at the moment so you only need to fill 1 but the cows think they are all full. You can however split the feed between the 3 and the fill levels will rise on each troph individually. There's a liquid manure sunken tank on the opposite side of the pasture now.

Biomass has had a little texture work and loading ramp fitted.

Each farm has 2 new silo's Green for seed refill and blue for fertilizer refill.

Parked cars have been removed from the northern farm yard at the baseball field.

Several field elevations have changed around the northern Farm.

The traffic spline has been adjusted where I dug the road out at the northern farm so traffic no longer floats in thin air but it's still not as perfect as I want it.

Several new ponds have been put in place.

There's more but you won't notice it and I've forgot about it.

This is the last major update to the map, the next updates will be small fixes to the PDA like station names for the new woodmills, cowzone etc.
I hope you enjoy playing it if you don't Delete and move on.

I'm aware of the log warning(not an error) for the manure mod's modesc value set to zero.

As always I can not guarantee that this map will perform as intended on your PC system as it was designed to run on ours. That's why I mentioned it would be very helpfull to others if you post your spec and how it plays.
If you find any problems please report them on ModHub.US via a comment. and I will do my best to fixed them promptly. I'm sorry but as there's so many great modding sites which mods transcend to  I can only respond on ModHub. Thanks Stevie.

V1.2 Map Update and upated PDA map. 229Mb zip, Multiplayer YES.
Just place this zip in your mods folder and load up a new game and select the Ringwoods Map.
Starting equipment is basic but worth +900k if sold towards mods.
So here's what's new in the 1.2 update.
Northern map boundary forestry trail is in planted with trees and joins onto the western trail at the saw mill. This is the roughest trail so far and not really suitable for semi's with trailers(a few steep hills) although there is a staging area at each end.
Marhu's MapSiloBand was implemented which brings in feed storage at the main farm and southern farm. Storage is for wheat and barley windrow, grass and dry grass windrow, silage and forage. You can use the bucket loaders with modded buckets or after many painfull and frustrating hours conveyors for straw and grass. You cannot mix feeds in the bays you must empty the bay to change. Phillip you made my head hurt.
The BGA's will pay for woodchip's and barley or wheat windrow. Modded trailers or loader wagons only for straw payment triggers to work. Actually I've not tried standard loader wagons with those yet so I can't say they will work but thinking about it they might.
The Biomass center will pay for liquid manure and manure. Modded tankers and trailers must be used or the trigger won't activate for unloading. Unloading is on the ramp with the sign. Thomas has a Kotte Tanker mod which works superb for transporting and selling liquid manure.
The main farm has a silage making bay squeezed in from the cowzone and also has a new loading ramp for trailers which make filling with loaders easy.
Nearly every tree has been spaced to improved performance and every tree was replaced yesterday as they were just starting to artifact due to compression.
Approx 30 new water planes around the map.
New fencing on the southwest fields west boudary, Kids slide set has rigid body now which I forgot to do in the last update. New Log loading stands at the mills and staging areas help storing logs and picking them up with a loader fork.. Brand new Nothern BGA center up and running, triggers for selling woodchips and barley/wheat windrow.
Water plane pngs edited as not all of the surfaces were rendering.
Spot lights at the main Farm and Biomass have had there shadow maps culled for now and range reduced for performance issues at 9pm switch on. Still glitches a little on our systems but is much better than is was. Many terrain enhancements and cleanups have been done since  last weeks update. I still get the GPU fans spinning up at the southern mill due to the amount of trees and objects there, Cutting the trees down soon solves that though. A few bit's more that were important enough for me to forget what they were.
KNOWN MINOR ISSUE'S that appear on our PC systems.
1. Glowing tracks in the lit areas at night.
2. Buying enough machines to fill the farm vendors store car park like one sometimes does will cause the game to bog down severely until it's emptied.
3. In the lit areas from 9pm the game framerate does drop especially when you have light's switched on your machinery.
Areas of the map in the images shown may have changed as they were taken during creation and testing. This map was created for me and my families own gaming experience on our PC systems. I cannot guarantee that it will function as intended on your PC system but hopefully it will and you'll enjoy it. If not Delete and move on. Stevie.

Original by Giant's, Marhu for the MapSiloBand, Reserved for Autogate Guy, Wizznall for the manure mod scripting and MAP mod by Stevie.

  • Cwj10
    2015-03-14 22:58
    Cant wait to try it out!
  • Perfect08
    2015-03-15 10:02
    Downloaded this update thankyou.It a pain i will have to start again been playing last update all the time 1.2 that is.
  • Cwj108
    2015-03-15 15:52
    how do you get those grass/straw/silage bins that are in photo 9 by the cow shed? Thanks!
  • Guest
    2015-03-15 16:42
    That is the placeable mixstation mod by Marhu.
  • Cwj108
    2015-03-15 18:31
    Thanks! Found it!
  • Cwj108
    2015-03-15 23:14
    Hey steve, i cant unload the first silo at the bga all of the way. Havent tried the other bunkers yet. Other than that, i haven't found anything yet. Great improvement to a great map.
  • Guest
    2015-03-15 23:55
    CWJ108 can you let me know exactly which one and the area/place on the map and what you were unloading and what trailer/bucket with and I'll have a look at it. I've been working on the map today and altered a few things already. Cheers Stevie.
  • Cwj108
    2015-03-16 00:29
    I was using the first bunker silo closest to the sell point at the BGA. I put about 150,000 L of chaff to ferment, when i went to sell the silage I was able to scoop out all but 37,000 liters with you liebherr front loader/multi fruit shovel. I used the marhu conveyor to get most of the rest out but there was still 3k left. It was like it was below the ground. I can try out the rest of the bunkers at the BGA if you want and also the one at the cow she'd if you want
  • Cwj108
    2015-03-16 00:31
    Also, i just got a great demand for wheat at the station but the pda doesn't list prices and the only places that blink on the map are my silos instead of where to sell, where is the sell point? Hope all of this helps, I really appreciate all of your mods and skill, your mods make up about 90% of my mods folder
  • Guest
    2015-03-16 00:42
    Cowshed works fine buddy, I've just checked the Silo specs and everything appears correct although I'm about to re import the original back in and check that. That liebherr bucket holds 10000 a scoop, Should totally empty the bay though. I'll have a look at the PDA as well, Hadn't noticed anything wrong with that whilst playing but thanks for letting me know.
  • Cwj108
    2015-03-16 01:49
    Could it be that I didnt remove 1.2 from my mods folder? I went back and checked the same bunker in 1.2 and now I am having the same issue there.
  • Guest
    2015-03-16 02:16
    Nope I have seen the same happen tonight and I'm working on it, Thanks Stevie.
  • Guest
    2015-03-16 03:43
    This is a known bug on BGA silo 1&2, 3&4 are ok. Here's the link to the Giant's Forum and the fix procedure for this. The next patch by giant's will hopefully fix this.http://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=833&t=76107
  • Guest
    2015-03-16 03:55
    I've just followed the steps and used notepad++ to edit and it's reset bga silage bunker 1 and 2 back to 0 fill levels so it works.
  • Name
    2015-03-16 05:36
    is there a way you can make your combines harvest oats and sunflowers and other fruits like that for other maps cause I can't seem to find a combine for that?
  • Guest
    2015-03-16 16:28
    Pick a combine please don't say all of them, I'm a bit busy.
  • Name
    2015-03-16 22:18
    i use mostly the case IH dual and the one with tracks
  • Warondar
    2015-03-16 23:44
    That Stevie...he's one hell of a mod guru. hehe
  • Cwj108
    2015-03-17 05:05
    Hey Stevie, little more info on the great demand issue I brought up earlier, had it happen again tonight. There was a great demand for corn and wheat at the "station" (not the train station), the prices showed up but the blinking indicators for the sell point were the northern farm(sheep) silo fill point, the cow pasture silo fill point, and the manure sell point. Where is the station supposed to be at? I am about 13 hrs into this map and lovin it! Thanks again
  • Guest
    2015-03-17 19:48
    I've not had a look at it yet CWJ108 I've been working on an issue that doesn't affect gameplay but something else that I've come across and It's not looking good and I may have to rework the map from scratch to be happy with it which will take a month or so but hey it can only get better.
  • Cwj108
    2015-03-17 20:44
    Sounds good, I just wanted to let you know, doesnt bother me at all. I have about 18 hours on the map and havent had any other issues, and none of the things we have brought up are even a big deal. Thanks again for the quality mods/maps you put out.
  • Guest
    2015-03-17 22:10
    They'll all be fixed and better before I start my next map.
  • Guest
    2015-03-18 11:36
    WARNING. to all private modders, There's a problem on the map that I have narrowed down to the 33m pine trees that affect V1.3 Do not attempt to change the clip or LOD or textures of the trees, You can not remove/delete or replace them either again the game will refuse to load the map if you do. You may however move them to different locations. This is a major pain and hundreds of hours have been lost, I have started recreating the map from v1.2. Thanks Stevie.
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