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Ringwoods Completed Map Small Update v1.41
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Ringwoods Completed Map Small Update v1.41

V1.41 Update, 266mb zip.

This is a small update which fixes several floating trees and bushes, The fertilizer fill trigger at the garden center and removes 1 water plane and smoke emmitter at the southern forestry sawmill.

This update was tested with our V1.4 GAME SAVE and works ok but if you have an earlier version pre V1.4 start a new game save.

Here's what's new for V1.4.

Turn plant withering off upon map loading.

V1.4 Ringwoods Map Completion Update, 1.2gb reduced to 265Mb zip, Multiplayer YES.
 Just place this zip in your mods folder and load up a new game and select the Ringwoods V1.4 Map.

 Starting equipment is basic but worth +900k if sold towards mods.

 Thanks to all you guys that have supported this map and my work.

 It would be a great help to others If you could comment on how this map performs with your PC system specs. This plays perfectly on our systems with settings set to HIGH and 2xAS , 2xAA enabled. Win7 64bit, 8gb Ram, Xeon quad core CPU's and Geforce 670 MSI graphics cards.

 So a major problem became apparent with V1.3 which rendered editing it useless and it was also present in V1.2. This did not affect gameplay it was just any further map editing  from V1.3 became useless as the game wouldn't load afterwards.  To make V1.4 I had to go back to V1.1 hence everything after 1.1 had to be remade and it was only better!

 Graphically the map is now far superior and is running better performance wise with higher clip and nearly double the LOD of 1.3. Areas loaded with vehicles aren't dropping many frames at all either now on our systems. The whole purpose of creating the map in the first place was to create a better laid out map than the original Westbridge and make it graphically better and the job's done. I'm happy with it, if your not delete and move on.

 Here's what's new. PDA is updated and so are the station names.

 Southern forestry was re-edited.
 Eastern Forestry was completely remade from scratch.
 All rock textures had to be shaded again. 100's more trees and bushes planted.
 Marhu's Water mod has been installed and when the trophs are filled you'll get 10% extra productivity from animals. Use a water tank trailer to fill the trophs. Any water trailer can be refilled with water from the Ringwoods main farm pond, just reverse it in and fill when prompted. Chickens can also be fed wheat.
 Marhu's Mixstation Has been installed at the south farm.
 Marhu's Pallet Collector has been installed at the brand new Sheepzone and has a 10 Pallet capacity.
 The south farms cowzone is brand new and the court yard has been reworked.
 You can now sell chaff and silage at the manure sell point.
 Field 10 and 16 a pre planted with wheat and barley ready for harvest, sugarbeet is still in field 21. Remember to buy field 10 and 21 before harvesting.
 Northern field elevations reworked and much much more.

 This is the completed map now although I'm not labelling it as final. Enjoy.

As always this map was designed to run on our PC's the spec's above and it does perfectly. However  I CAN NOT guarantee that it will run, perform and play as intended on your PC system but hopefully it will.

You are not allowed to modify and re-upload this map or any part of it so please don't, Thanks Stevie.

Original by Giant's, Marhu mods and scripts, Wizznall's Manure Mod and Map by Stevie.

  • Nick
    2015-03-26 15:08
    good map works ok but no pigs or beef that would have been good to have
  • Guest
    2015-03-26 15:57
    Sorry Nick no plans for those just yet.
  • Nick
    2015-03-26 16:44
    thats a shame it would have nice to have them and i might do a let's play for youtube on this map
  • Feldwebelnl
    2015-03-26 16:55
    Hey StevieThanks for the update. Going to try it this evening.Found a small black cloud near the fuel tank at the southern farm. Looks kind of spooky ;) You only see it when watching from above.What trailers do you use for selling your slurry?
  • Guest
    2015-03-26 16:58
    Look at my mods there's a kotte garant for slurry. Cheers Stevie.
  • Nick
    2015-03-26 17:45
    its a great map and all that time has been well spent thanks for the map
  • Guest
    2015-03-26 17:55
    Nick I will add it to the list for the final version, along with multifruit and composting.
  • Guest
    2015-03-26 18:25
    FELDWEBELNL, Thanks I just seen the affending dark matter cloud. I have removed it so it will be out of the next update.
  • Guest
    2015-03-26 18:57
    Please tell me when will the final?
  • Guest
    2015-03-26 19:01
    Hi guest In a few weeks time at least for the final as I'm taking a break from looking at it. Stevie.
  • Truemutwo
    2015-03-26 20:09
    Its a great map but can you put in a hire worker
  • Warondar
    2015-03-26 23:18
    Thanks Stevie. Much appreciated. I know when making mods for a game can get to a point where you're not playing the game anymore, cause you're too busy making mods or working on them.A break sometimes is needed like you said. hehe
  • Feldwebelnl
    2015-03-27 19:33
    Found a great slurry trailer.http://www.modhoster.de/mods/hls-uelwI use it together with the AR M.A.N. and AR Kotte slurry [email protected] the grass in the city is quite difficult before you get your money.You have to mow around the old petrol station to get the reward. Mowing just the field behind the station isn't enough.
  • Guest
    2015-03-27 20:35
    I'd not thought that out, I'll sort something out to free the area up. Thanks for letting me know. Stevie.
  • Guest
    2015-03-28 17:48
    Update 1.42 is nearly complete. Stevie.
  • Name
    2015-03-28 19:31
    Anyone else having problem filling the fertilizers? I tried both liquid and solid and wont refill.
  • Guest
    2015-03-28 22:28
    I'll check them now.
  • Guest
    2015-03-28 22:33
    Just hooked them both up to a t320 and they filled fine at the main farm not tried the other farms though.
  • Name
    2015-03-29 01:48
    "Just hooked them both up to a t320 and they filled fine at the main farm not tried the other farms though."I will go double check. I tried to fill next to the Vehicle Store.By the way great looking map..thank you for making it!! :)
  • Guest
    2015-03-29 02:05
    In v1.4 the garden center fert trigger didn't work as it was 2 high in the air. It was supposed to be fixed in V1.41.
  • Name
    2015-03-29 04:30
    I see ok cool...the silos by the main farms work fine. Thanks for the info.
  • Guest
    2015-03-30 13:19
    V1.5 is now complete and I'm going to test it over the next week, Composting is in and so is animal fattening(Still working on 2 particle path errors). Animals will sell at Central Meat Processing on Hangar Row. Pigs will be at the north farm, Beef at the south farm. All other reported problems are fixed. When the update finally goes live it will require starting a new gamesave. You will need a cattle trailer, compost trailer and the zzz_compost_soil.zip placing in your mod folder. Stevie.
  • Guest
    2015-04-01 12:43
    The mix station input binding is fixed for V1.5. Thanks to ThatGuyAgain for letting me know. Until Fridays V1.5 update DO NOT USE THE MIXSTATION!!!!!! Stevie.
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