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Ringwoods v2.0 by Stevie Multifruit
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Ringwoods v2.0 by Stevie Multifruit

Hello people here is an update to my Ringwoods Map it is now upto date with some new mods and toys form Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC_Devil and Eisbearg.

Here's the list of Ringwoods V2 updates and new features.
1 2 Planted owned fields ready for harvest.
2 2 new forestry areas 1 at the side of MH timber and one behind the Town Lake near the diner.
3 New cleaned xml code and performance tweaks. ...
4 Updated PDA Map.
5 Milk Sales.
6 UHT Milk Max machine at the dairy.
7 The Salad Factory's yard has been reworked and now has everything needed on site like BlackRock.
8 BlackRock version trees have Replaced the original.
9 BeetPulp Machine installed at the main farm.
10 New silo's at the main farm for Forage and BeetPulp.
11 Egg collector at the main farm.
12 Signs on all silo's.
13 Fencing is all but gone.
14 New Water Effects.
15 Embedded fill planes and particles for the new product outputs.
16 The SageWorks sawmill has had it trigger and floor reconfigured.
17 The North Farm has a reconfigured yard.
18 Working wood and grain trains have been installed at the towns station, tip triggers updated.
19 Animal mast's havebeen updated from V3 to V5 and this Means The map now has pigs, beef, chickens, cows and sheep fattening installations. 3 at the North Farm and 2 at the South Farm. CMP has to updated animal sell trigger.
20 Pig Forage Master trailer version is installed at the North Farm alongwith steamed potato shed, pig forage silo and a forage silo.
21 Vehicle storage added to the North Farm.
22 The South Farms yard is reconfigured and a potato waher and steamer havebeen added here alongwith compost store and steamed potato storage.
23 Pallet movers havebeen installed at the SageWorks sawmill, salad factory, Dairy Milk and max potatowasher to steamer pallet feed system.
24 Forage silo added to the South Farm.
25 Forage and conveyors removed for the original feed gate at all farms.
26 Natural conveyor ground markers added.
27 Many more trees for added forestry.
28 Many minor tweaks to areas.
29 Many redundant items removed from the map and filesystem.
Tweaked 30 Digital readouts with less flicker and reflection.

31 Farmer_Andy's Seedmaster installed at the main farm.
Everything else is the same as the previous v1.81. Thanks, Stevie.

Original by Giant's, mod map by Stevie.
Mods, models and scripts installed by. Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC_Devil, Eisbearg, Upsidedown and Stevie.

  • Warondar
    2015-08-03 17:04
    Thanks Stevie. Looking forward to trying this Ringwoods MAJOR update.
  • Firez34
    2015-08-03 17:33
    Now worries buddy. I'm just sorting everything out now ready to start the Lakeside map.
  • Sergey
    2015-08-05 14:33
    Don't work multifruit with original vehicles... What could be the problem?
  • Firez34
    2015-08-05 14:38
    Multifruit does work on the original vehicles if you use the correct ones. Please be a little more specific. Did you add the zip files to your mod folder.
  • Bob


    2015-08-05 14:56
    Hi..The map as is will load in Ok, Press start, opens at start location, press "tab" Get to Harvester Ok. Do a rotate (arrow key) Game does a steady ROTATION, and Locks up, No exit of game,(clrt alt del ) to exit... Trying map with no mods, map only... No good..Bob(wires)
  • Firez34
    2015-08-05 15:13
    Ok BOB I will have a look at this but it's going to be hard to find as the map on our systems and the users of the facebook page does not do this. I will have a look later today though.
  • Firez34
    2015-08-05 15:14
    Bob what's your game log file saying? that will give me a clue.
  • Sergey
    2015-08-06 01:04
    FIREZ34, i'm very bad speak english, sorry... I am add add zip files to my mod folder. Other mods no more in the folder "mods". Only that unzip archive. New fruits did not work - seeder have only original seeds.
  • Sergey
    2015-08-06 01:06
    FIREZ34, early i played map Ringwoods Farm 1.81Final. That was all right with seeders and harvesters.
  • Toothbud
    2015-08-06 05:07
    I was loving 1.8 (final) of this map and thought it couldn't get better. I was wrong. You are really gifted with this sort of thing. I am thankful for all your hard work!
  • Firez34
    2015-08-06 12:46
    Thanks TOOTHBUD enjoy the map.
  • Redneckpops
    2015-08-10 20:27
    steveie I love the map but i got a couple of questions one what do i put in the forage silos i tried silage grass straw hay nothing is expected and from some reason i dont have fattened chickens or sheep the doors on the new buildings like the sheep and cow buildings wont open all other buildings do open even the chicken one opens i do have pigs and the cow for fattening is there more mods i need i had taken all mods i have out and just used the ones for this map
  • Firez34
    2015-08-10 21:50
    Hi REDNECKPOPS you put Forage in them from the mixstation machines it can be sold in this version. Regarding the animals you have a mod conflict from another mod in you folder. Place the map in a folder on it's own and it will work perfect. Stevie.
  • Nacho
    2015-08-13 02:35
    I cant load cereals from any point. I mean, while im harvesting and the truck is full, i can unload it in the main farm, for example, but then, when i wanna sell it, a i go to the same place, or every another point, and i wanna load cereal, and i cant.
  • Nacho
    2015-08-13 02:38
    I dont know whats going on, but the truth is that i really really like this map, is perfect, the division of the whole terrain, the cereals that we can use, and everything is perfect. Another tip, the quallity isnt the same as the first version. I hope u can repair it, good luck bud!
  • Firez34
    2015-08-13 16:53
    Hi Nacho I don't know what is causing your problem but the map is fine and everthing in it is working as it should. You are right about the visual quality it was reduced slightly for V2 at the request of many user's who had framerate issues. Stevie.
  • Rd farming
    2015-08-24 01:47
    I can't get the potato washer working. I can't put in water or fuel. It must be me because I have tried it on two maps. I really like this map and want to stick with it.
  • Rd farming
    2015-08-24 01:49
    The other reason I think it's me is because I don't see anyone else with this problem
  • Stevie
    2015-08-24 17:39
    It's not you RD, your short of the mod you need. Get the Kotte Garrant Universal Tanker mod by Farmer_Andy. That's the only mod that will fill water, diesel and fertilizer for mods by Farmer_Andy, potato washer, steamer and salad greenhouses.
  • Name
    2015-08-24 18:43
    comment et quelle machine pour ramasser le coton merci
  • Rd farming
    2015-08-24 23:16
    Thank you soooo much, got the fuel and water full. What trailer do recommend for seed. I am going broke trying different trailersl
  • Stevie
    2015-08-25 21:32
    Hi again RD any trailer don't try and get sowing seeds, it uses barley or wheat for seed from your farm silo or the silo on site at the salad factory buddy.
  • Rd farming
    2015-08-26 00:11
    Thanks again Stevie, that's exactly what I was doing. I am having another problem with one of the silos. I'm not sure now which one it was. I think it was a beet pulp silo but I will get back with the info.
  • Rd farming
    2015-08-27 06:44
    I swear this is the last time I'll bug you. I like the map so well I can't stop playing. The way you set everything up is amazing. Now that you explained my seed problem, I can't figure out to dump the seeds. I have driven all the way around the potato clean and just can't dump the seed. Please help again!
  • Rd farming
    2015-09-02 21:55
    Never mind I got the answer elsewhere. It's not seed it's potatoes for potato washer
  • Ace


    2015-09-17 03:57
    Hello i like this map but i got problem i can't get the sheep and chicken to load i try all all tyrailers i can find for animals even Joskin_Betimax_RDS_7500V43 and one that came a map made by SETKA nothing works
  • Ace


    2015-09-17 03:59
    Hello i like this map but i got problem i can't get the sheep and chicken to load i try all trailers i can find for animals even Joskin_Betimax_RDS_7500V43 and one that came a map made by SETKA nothing works
  • Randy
    2015-09-27 02:02
    Hi Stevie....Awesome map. Is the milk sales at the dairy and if so, where is the dairy??Thanks.
  • Randy
    2015-09-27 04:14
    Hi Stevie.....I found it and sold the milk.
  • Randy
    2015-09-28 02:29
    Hi All....Is anyone besides me having problems loading manure out of the pig barn? I can load from all other places.Thanks for your input.
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