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Ringwoods V3.3 Dual maps by Stevie
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Ringwoods V3.3 Dual maps by Stevie

Ringwoods V3.3 Dual Map update.
Due to the changes made to foliage and fields you must start a new gamesave.
Update details.
Lettuce factory greenhouse fixed an no longer stops stops production.
The Soilmod tanks and lime silo have been removed from the map, the soilmod is still present and ready for use but the player will have to source their own fill point and tanks for the map. I believe there's placeable mods for this. This was done due to the tanks having trigger's that needed registering externally to the map in the courseplay lua file.
Gold coin challenge added to the maps.
Extra potato washer and steamer added to south farm.
Adjusted potato washer triggers.
Adjusted higher capacity of steamer production.
Higher capacity cow silo's at each farm
Pig Shed manure conveyor fixed.
AI cultivation and ploughing of planted fields fixed, no more stop starting.
All gates changed to FS modding manual gates.
All traffic splines lowered to reduce distance floating of vehicles.
Ground textures by KimG added for soil, cultivated, ploughed and planted potato's.
Textures modified for Chopped straw distance for maize and straw.
Textures changed for maize.
Textures changed for wheat and barley.
Distance maps corrected for sorghum and sunflower growth states.
Cow zone manure straw full height corrected.
Seedmaster added to the north farm capacity's adjusted.
Pig Forage machine capacity increased.
Fruit cherry and plum price increased.
Distance hills adjusted and some tree scapes added.
Sorghum height adjusted higher.
Boundary forest vehicle trails retextured.
The red and yellow flowers have had their brightness turned down and contrast adjusted.
Field 1 split and new field 22 created.
South and east roads have had there grass verges cleaned up.
English information and mini tutorial text file included.
PDA map updated.

Original map design by Giants, Modified by Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods and scripts by: Farmer_Andy, Marhu, RC_Devil, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, KimG, Ifkonator, Kastor and Webalizer.

  • Sweet250
    2015-12-23 01:30
    Love the map, but where is the storage for liquid manure?
  • Firez34
    2015-12-23 02:06
    BGA and cowzone near the silage clamp.
  • Roy q
    2015-12-23 03:49
    Another great map from Stevie. He's done some amazing work on this map and is always open to suggestions and bug fixes. Great work my friend!
  • J.d.
    2015-12-23 06:09
    As stated another awesome map by Stevie! One of the best mappers in the game. And thanks for using google drive. Best way to download a huge file. Thank you Sir!
  • Ronexuk
    2015-12-23 18:50
    Yes as always a very good map, but am I the only one who is unable to feed the cows trough with grass, could it be another mod I'm using??.
  • Firez34
    2015-12-23 19:33
    JD somethings not right as the map doesn't constantly call for the animation map trigger.
  • Ronexuk
    2015-12-23 19:45
    J.D. Have now run both HSS and SSS of Ringwoods and both with the same problem, unable to put grass into the cow troughs, not yet had the animation mapper trigger 485 LUA issue.Don't have Stevie's contact details.
  • Firez34
    2015-12-23 21:07
    Ronexuk the end trough is water and the troughs will take TMR forage.
  • Ronexuk
    2015-12-24 17:39
    Firez34Many thanks, have managed grass etc into troughs but you have to get very close and drive bit by bit, then it's ok, just some sections won't let you. But at least now my cows won't starve.
  • Swampfox10
    2015-12-29 02:21
    What will haul the fattened cow? Nothing I have will load.
  • Nutup28
    2016-01-02 23:11
    The map is great but when i saved it and loaded it back up none of the gates well open or alow me to drive through them like before. any suggestion?
  • Nutup28
    2016-01-02 23:22
    Nvm figured it out just couldn't get them to manually open. Excellent map.
  • Southern comfort
    2016-01-06 02:27
    Am i the only one or does everyone have a problem with multiplayer , key pad freezing up and not able to do anything but windows out and restart. other than that this is by far the best map i have played. thanks
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