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Ringwoods v3.4 Single Map Version
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Ringwoods v3.4 Single Map Version

Hello people here is an update to my Ringwoods Map it is now upto date with some new mods and toys form Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC_Devil and Eisbearg.

Here's the list of Ringwoods V2 updates and new features.
1 2 Planted owned fields ready for harvest.
2 2 new forestry areas 1 at the side of MH timber and one behind the Town Lake near the diner.
3 New cleaned xml code and performance tweaks. ...
4 Updated PDA Map.
5 Milk Sales.
6 UHT Milk Max machine at the dairy.
7 The Salad Factory's yard has been reworked and now has everything needed on site like BlackRock.
8 BlackRock version trees have Replaced the original.
9 BeetPulp Machine installed at the main farm.
10 New silo's at the main farm for Forage and BeetPulp.
11 Egg collector at the main farm.
12 Signs on all silo's.
13 Fencing is all but gone.
14 New Water Effects.
15 Embedded fill planes and particles for the new product outputs.
16 The SageWorks sawmill has had it trigger and floor reconfigured.
17 The North Farm has a reconfigured yard.
18 Working wood and grain trains have been installed at the towns station, tip triggers updated.
19 Animal mast's havebeen updated from V3 to V5 and this Means The map now has pigs, beef, chickens, cows and sheep fattening installations. 3 at the North Farm and 2 at the South Farm. CMP has to updated animal sell trigger.
20 Pig Forage Master trailer version is installed at the North Farm alongwith steamed potato shed, pig forage silo and a forage silo.
21 Vehicle storage added to the North Farm.
22 The South Farms yard is reconfigured and a potato waher and steamer havebeen added here alongwith compost store and steamed potato storage.
23 Pallet movers havebeen installed at the SageWorks sawmill, salad factory, Dairy Milk and max potatowasher to steamer pallet feed system.
24 Forage silo added to the South Farm.
25 Forage and conveyors removed for the original feed gate at all farms.
26 Natural conveyor ground markers added.
27 Many more trees for added forestry.
28 Many minor tweaks to areas.
29 Many redundant items removed from the map and filesystem.
Tweaked 30 Digital readouts with less flicker and reflection.

31 Farmer_Andy's Seedmaster installed at the main farm.

Everything else is the same as the previous v1.81. Thanks, Stevie.

Original by Giant's, mod map by Stevie.
Mods, models and scripts installed by. Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC_Devil, Eisbearg, Upsidedown and Stevie.

  • Daniel
    2016-01-06 19:41
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    its a very nice map only i can not downloadedt this map only modhub can i downloadedt please on this button
  • Firez34
    2016-01-06 21:03
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    Hi Daniel unfortunately I can't upload to mod hub Direct as I have slow upload and my connection times out so I gave up long ago uploading maps direct.
  • Joe


    2016-01-07 05:05
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    hey stevie i was wondering if you could add a different mod to this map. i was wondering if you could make sawmill version 2 work on a map please?
  • Guest
    2016-01-07 12:53
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    Is it soil mod ready?None of the pictures posted here shows soil mod information.
  • Firez34
    2016-01-07 13:37
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    Guest Yes it's soil mods ready.Google did suspend the download link last night as it reached the maximum downloads limit over a 24hr period across the websites. Should be live again soon on the same link, please be patient.
  • Firez34
    2016-01-07 13:39
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    Joe I'll ask the modder on marhu.net for permission but there's no more Ringwoods updates now for quite some time as I have other things to do. Lakeside is next and then the new map.
  • Prdoska
    2016-01-07 13:59
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    Downloads maps: http://sharemods.com/fypmuzw7i0sh/ringwoodsV34byStevieUNZIPME.zip.html
  • Firez34
    2016-01-07 14:02
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    Extra Link to my google drive added.https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B47G8R7CYpJ0RlFoYWV4S05pVnc
  • Guest
    2016-01-07 14:23
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    Thanks Firez.Downloading right now.Google drive link works fine.
  • Gaz


    2016-01-07 15:38
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    Google drive is maxed out 24hr wait.. .any other DL locations??
  • Firez34
    2016-01-07 16:23
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    Gaz that new link 3 up from this should be working.
  • Ben


    2016-01-08 01:36
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    What you mean by working on Lakeside map Stevie ?You think I can continue my savegame with this update ?Thanks
  • Firez34
    2016-01-08 03:31
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    Ben you can't use your old game save but you can load up the 3.4 map make a save and then copy over your owned fields from your old economy file, money and silo amounts from the old career gamesave file and vehicles from your old vehicles file. You won't have planted field status though or animals. You'll need notepad++.
  • Curtis
    2016-02-15 11:09
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    I can't get the fattened chickens to load no matter what trailer I use. I have the one from the marhu site and still they just won't load up. Thanks
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