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Ritchie AutoBaleLoader v1.0
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Ritchie AutoBaleLoader v1.0

• tire dust / dust wheel
• Washable / washable
• automatic charging and fixing all types of bales / automatic load and fix of all bale types
• Choice of colors / color picker
- Variation 1: skewers and hydraulic dyeable / Version1: spikes and hydraulics colorable
- Variant 2: full frame fräbbar / Version2: complete body colorable

• skewers must be opened / spikes have to be unfolded
• with the skewers drive more against the flat side of a bale / drive pointing the spikes towards flat side of bale
• bales should now automatically fix and flip / bales Should be fixed Automatically and lifted up

• spit (s) open / unfold spike (s)
• Slowly move backwards and press "O" (oh) / drive slowly backwards and press "O" (oh)
- If you do not go backwards, the bales are possibly resume / if you do not drive backwards, bales May get attached again

• Are all normal LS15 bales were tested / all-FS15 bales have been tested
• Mod bales should still work / mod-bales should work as well

• Qualitätsmods
• Create a new topic in the support section or use / create new topic in support section or use existing one existing

Model: Repi
Ingame: hoffi
Texture: Nubsi + hoffi
Script / modification: LS-UK Team / hoffi

Re-Upload-even in modified form, is prohibited.
Re-Upload -even if modified- is prohibited.
Re-upload (nawet ever? Li zmienione) zabronione jest.
Re-upload (même si modifié) est interdite.

Model: Repi
Ingame: HoFFi
Texture: Nubsi + HoFFi
Script/modification: LS-UK Team/HoFFi

  • Guest
    2014-12-24 10:59 Send message
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    bonjour comment fonctionne t'ils quel sont les touches clavier pour le faire fonctionnerHow does you theyWhat are the keyboard keys to make it work
  • Zzzzz
    2016-04-09 02:28 Send message
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    sweet bale loader I had issues getting it to unload after fully loaded with bales in my game, but thanks to the video I think I got it figured out on how to unload it.
  • Robby
    2017-07-09 12:56 Send message
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    witch button do you press to unload
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