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Riverbend Trailers Pack v1.0
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Riverbend Trailers Pack v1.0

This is a trailer pack, i dunno who the author is, i couldn’t find it on any websites, so im uploading it here, and other places. remember: you have to extract it to the mods folder.


  • Bowtie_boyy
    2015-12-10 17:22
    The creator is Muddbone
  • Bowtie_boyy
    2015-12-10 17:36
    Dont release unless you give proper credits
  • Guest
    2015-12-10 18:56
    yeah man listen to boytie boyy he's the mod police, don't release unless proper credits and permission. we HATE when people release with no credits and no permission. we cry so much that we got butt hurt.
  • Jim


    2015-12-10 23:06
    Bowtie Boyy... I think its released already. I mean my old eyes could be going bad but im pretty sure I just downloaded this mod. Hmmm
  • Caldwell farms
    2015-12-11 02:59
    Thanks for uploading this mod been waiting for it for along time.........So thanks, do more trailers like this plz
  • Really??
    2015-12-11 16:17
    Quote; " i dunno who the author is, i couldn’t find it on any websites" Really?? All 4 modDesc.xml's clearly state Muddbone as the author and he's readily available all over FaceBook and elsewhere as if you didn't already know....
  • Bowtie_boyy
    2015-12-12 02:14
    Yeah exactly..every moddesc has the credits in it..Just sayin...
  • Bowtie_boyy
    2015-12-12 02:16
    NO shit its released, just saying..at least give credits to the creator..
  • Nick
    2015-12-20 05:36
    i agree with all of the people who says that this guy needs to put credits in his download i know how long it took mudbone to do his mods cause i'm one of his testers it took us 3 moths to get this mod to the public so all i have to say is give the proper credits.
  • Please help me
    2016-02-23 00:12
    my mod will not work i drag the zip file into my mods folder but it will not go into the game
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