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Ropa Big Bear 1.0
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Ropa Big Bear 1.0

Hi leute haben mir mal die mühe gemacht den Ropa Big um zu wandeln da es kaum was von den was gibt für LS 15 :)
Wenn fehler sein sollten einfach mir schreiben danke :)))


Ich Selber

  • Guest
    2015-05-17 17:28 Send message
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    the trucks need to be fixed
  • Ich


    2015-05-17 17:49 Send message
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    THE TRAILER TOTALSCHADEN SCHROTT errors errors errors. sry
  • Azraelit
    2015-05-17 17:53 Send message
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    Finde den Trailer recht gut, sollten aber noch ein paar Sachen gefixt werden, z.B. die Laufbänder und das Förderband sind unsichtbar
  • Farmerman32
    2015-05-17 19:39 Send message
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    dam there needs to be a track put on it
  • Dangeon
    2015-05-18 14:45 Send message
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    Too many errors
  • Franc
    2015-05-19 10:29 Send message
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    Кде мать его гусеницы а
  • Mackdog
    2015-05-21 18:03 Send message
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    Way too many errors, Tracks still need to be installed, also you can fill the trailer but you cant empty it, also the unloader spout needs to be moved to the other side as the spout gets in the way when you are trying to load it since the potato and beet machines have their spout on the same side. Lights and tail lights as well as marker and blinker lights also do not work.
  • Djtucker49053
    2015-08-08 04:41 Send message
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    if this trailer cant be unloaded, and the tracks are missing from the wheels, that means this is an incomplete mod, so why the hell is it up for download? i downloaded this from a different site, which had no comments or description stating that it couldnt be unloaded, so i have this damn thing sitting in a storage shed full of sugar beet, just wasted space now. so aggravating
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