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Ropa Big Bear v1.2
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Ropa Big Bear v1.2

Here is the Ropa Big Bear from FS13 from Bullgore. The only things I did to this was fix the errors that were left from a convert that someone did and didn't fix. The only things I couldn't fix were the collisions and getting the tracks to rotate.

Originally created by Bullgore.

  • Gator
    2015-07-12 14:58
    There is more wrong than just the tracks not animated , It won't unload !
  • Guest
    2015-07-12 15:43
    It unloads you have to look in your hud to see the unload option.
  • Heitorfs15
    2015-07-12 17:33
    MY post " KINZE 1050 " is better.http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/kinze-1050-grain-cart-120000-liters-fs-2015/
  • Guest
    2015-07-12 18:36
    maybe so heitorfs15, but it is highly unrealistic for a grain cart to hold potato or sugarbeet let alone 120k liters.....
  • Guest
    2015-07-12 18:38
    as for the tracks, the person who "attempted" to fix this, could have very easily looked on google or youtube and found rambow145's video(s) regarding tracks and fixed it.......but anymore it seems to be too much to ask of the community to actually look for the info they need....
  • Tommy0680
    2015-07-13 00:58
    Interesting comments by people who clearly attempts to destroy a persons interest of making equipment that actually would be good to have in game.Creds to the person who tries to make this work, it will make a nice addition to the ropa harvester.
  • Ripptide
    2015-07-13 04:06
    Nicely done on cgetting the tracks and conveyors back in, nice looking piece of kit. For those still having issues unloading, I have not found a way to use the overloader yet, but if you back the trailer into a beet bin, the 'Q' for unload should appear.
  • Juggernaut
    2015-07-13 20:55
    yeh as above nice to see tracks and conveyors back on it hat off to ya for having a go at it as for unloading i find a placeable heap also works for it at the field edge then use a conveyor to load up the semi ..
  • Heitorfs15
    2015-07-14 02:29
    " Guest.. i will try fix the track "
  • Heitorfs15
    2015-07-14 03:25
    Well Guest - I analyzed the 2 XML´s, this sml where and the xml of " rambow145's ".rambow add more cultures and get one bug of texture.the crawler is the same numbers... of 2 XML´s. bye
  • Heitorfs15
    2015-07-14 06:48
    I test the Ropa, and is a big crap.
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