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Round bale stack v0.4 BETA
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Round bale stack v0.4 BETA

Moin together,
Have times a round bale stacks tinkered, as it has always bothered me that there was no reasonable bale stacks around the yard aufzuhübschen a little. This is a BETA! (Wanted to see whether there is need for such an object as is now). The ball stack must be installed with the GE.

For V1 following things are planned:
additional square bale stack
Sale trigger for straw -> somewhere you eventually must indeed his whole straw rid of;)
may placeable (but do not know if I can do that)

It is my first mod so for please do not be so hard on me. Constructive criticism I would be very happy ...
3D model / texture: patzer89, GIANTS
The originator of the tire unfortunately I do not know and it worked can not make up. Somebody should recognize the tires please PM to me.


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